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Warrant Canary

Warrant Canary

At Vixen Team, we value our privacy greatly. We know that you value your privacy too. That's why we make it a core tenet of our development practices - all of our projects must be developed with standard privacy practices in mind.

However, we need to uphold and enforce our Terms of Use, as well as Discord's Terms of Use. On occasion, we may receive a report from an nMarkov user about a potential breach of our Terms of Use, or a notification from Discord about a potential breach of their Terms of Use. In either of these events, we may need to access user data to investigate the report.

We think it's important to be open with our users, especially when their data is involved. So if we receive a report and data has to be accessed, we will publish information on this page about the scope of the data that was accessed, and the consequences of the breach.

p.s. We know this isn't a warrant canary by the true definition, but it mostly serves the same purpose.

This page was last updated on 14th August, 2022.



  • 11th August
    • Report concerning malicious use of nMarkov; specifically targeted harassment of specific users
    • Scope of access:
      • Messages were gathered from one user, as well as messages from one server
    • Result:
      • The user was banned from using nMarkov services
      • The server was banned from using nMarkov services

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