nMarkov Documentation



Parameter syntax:
<argument> - Required parameter
[argument] - Optional parameter

All of the commands in this plugin are for nMarkov Plus servers only.

/modes info

View all of the modes that nMarkov offers, what they do or look like, and whether or not they're enabled for your server.

/modes set <mode> <state>

Enable or disable a mode for your server.

The state parameter should be either On or Off.
Mode can be one of the following:

  • 🅱 Mode
    • Changes all of the "B"s in a generated message to the 🅱 emoji.
  • Reverse Mode
    • Reverses a generated message.
  • Aesthetic Mode
    • 『 Woah, so aesthetic 』
  • OwO Mode
    • Changes "L"s and "R"s to "W"s. Its pwetty awfuw to wead nyaa~~ (´꒳`)
  • Chaos Mode
    • Doesn't change the appearance of the generated message. Instead, if a valid mention appears in the message (i.e "@everyone", "@Role", "@User"), it will properly mention whatever is mentioned - they will receive a notification, and the message will have its typical yellow background. By default, nMarkov does not do this.