nMarkov Documentation



Parameter syntax:
<argument> - Required parameter
[argument] - Optional parameter

/trigger [ephemeral=True]

Force nMarkov to send a message in your server.
If ephemeral is true, only you will be able to see the message - which is helpful to not spam the server you're running the command in.

If ephemeral is true, the command has a cooldown of three uses every 30 seconds.
If ephemeral is false, the command has a cooldown of three uses every 15 seconds.
If your server is using nMarkov Plus, the command has no cooldown.

Unlog Message

  • Required permissions: Manage Server

Delete an individual message from your server's log. Useful for those messages that contain words you would rather nMarkov didn't repeat.

This command is accessible by right clicking/long pressing on a message and going to Apps.
Screenshot showing how to access Unlog Message.