nMarkov Documentation

Getting started

Getting started

It should go without saying, but you should have nMarkov in your server before continuing.
If he's not there yet, no worries - you can click here to invite him now.

Setting the channel

nMarkov is incredibly simple to use, and there's only one command you need to use to get him working straight away.

/config channels set #channel-name

Of course, you should double check your server's permissions, to make sure that nMarkov can read and send messages in the channel you chose.

nMarkov is capable of reading and sending messages in multiple channels in your server, but you'll need nMarkov Plus for that.

Once you've done that, nMarkov should start reading any messages sent in that channel straight away. You can check to make sure with /meta stats.

There's no set minimum number of messages needed in your log before nMarkov starts sending messages - but you'll know when you have enough.

Changing the probability

By default, nMarkov has a 5% probability in each server it joins. This means that, when nMarkov figures it has enough messages in its log to start generating messages of its own, each incoming message sent by a member of your server in the channel you set has a 5% chance of triggering nMarkov to send one of it's own.

Some servers think 5% is too much, some people think it's too little. Whichever you think, you can change nMarkov's probability in your server with /config probability set ##. Decimal numbers work, too - so you can really fine-tune nMarkov to work for your server.

Servers using nMarkov Plus can set the probability for their server above 25%!