2.5.5 - it's been a while, hasn't it?

damn, it’s really been a while since we published the last changelog. in all honesty, we don’t think very much has changed, but we’ll certainly attempt listing all the changes in order since 2.2.1 our best shot.

Full changelog 2.2.1 > 2.5.5

  • empty lines that were logged when logs were improperly handled have been removed from any log that had them and should no longer exist
  • probability is a little bit better at being improbable
  • + added to the list of ignored prefixes
  • improved m!support
  • added m!website and m!invite
  • probability help text had a minor fix
  • more error handling was added
  • an accidental loop left over from debugging was removed
  • more attempts to stop blank messages from being logged
  • logfiles are now capped at 5000 lines. Lines are removed at the top when more are added at the bottom.
  • added m!version
  • minor logging issue that only caused problems in development was fixed
  • fixed issue with m!version showing incorrect help text
  • attempted to stop messages that were over 50% emoji from being logged (i don’t think it ever worked though)
  • set bot owner override for raising log limits manually
  • work on a new help message was started
  • released new help command 🎉
  • added new full-length help messages for commands that were missing them (basically all of them)
  • fixed a ci issue left over from porting repo namespace that was causing new builds to fail
  • had to do it again cause i missed a few places where it used the old namespace url
  • metrono.de expired, had to switch to vixen-team.gitlab.io
  • fucked up changing to the new namespace url again, somehow
  • improved build process (which didn’t work)
  • improved build process part 2 (which also didn’t work)
  • improved build process part 3 (which worked)
  • aliases in command-specific help messages weren’t separated properly
  • fixed a long-standing issue where some servers just didn’t exist in the database and couldn’t use nmarkov
  • added m!opt-server-into-log-reading (it’s a long command intentionally)

god, that’s a lot of changes. i really ought to start keeping this website up-to-date.